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Current Escape Room Booking Prices *Per Person* Wed, Thurs & Sun $15 Fri & Sat $20

Gold Ball Pursuit

Your town's gold ball has been stolen. Fortunately, you've been tipped off of its location. Unfortunately, you've got just 1 hour to get in and get out before you get caught. What's worse is those who took the ball know that you're coming to take it back. So, expect extreme security measures. Only the bravest team gets the ball! Does your team have what it takes to get it back?

Off the Rocker Doctor

You're at a hospital for a routine checkup. You're in the waiting room and everything feels normal until you meet an assistant who gives you candy. The room starts spinning and before you start to understand what's happening, everything goes black.

That's when the real adventure begins. You wake up and you find yourself with a group of strangers. You hear the screams of other patients in the hospital.

So what do you do when you find yourself in such a hospital? You run. But you have just 1 hour to escape before the mad doctor reaches your room. A gentle reminder: google maps won't be of much help here!