Escape Rooms & Virtual Reality for Better Team Building

Wondering how to make your team building activities fun and effective? Visit Rush Hour Gaming LLC and let your team engage in one of our escape room activities, designed to make the players solve puzzles while having fun together. Our escape rooms will give you a team building experience that no meeting room could ever replicate.

Check Out How We Can Help With Team Building

Working under pressure: Since the players have to escape the room within an hour using whatever clues they could find, they'll learn to cope with stress. Will they stay together using each other's strengths to find their way back? Or will they give up easily? Visit us to find out.

Communication: That's the key to success. Our escape room activities will allow your team to improve their communication as they share their findings and clues with each other.

Innovative thinking: Does your team think out of the box? Can they look beyond the obvious? Are they good at picking up clues? Enter our escape room to find out.

Camaraderie: No matter what happens in the escape room, there is a good chance that your team members will walk back with more friends and a better bonding.

Leadership: Every team needs effective leadership. Our escape rooms offer a great opportunity for you to prove your leadership skills. Will you be able to guide your team through the adventure? Visit us and find out.

Bragging rights: Work as a team to get the highest scores and enjoy your team's name at the top of the leader board.